How To Download

1.Click on the My Account button in the top right of your screen, and select My Downloads.
Click on the DOWNLOAD button associated with your file.

2.If you are not already signed in to your account, an email containing the order information and download link will be sent to you.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher, please go to step 2. If you have already installed the FileOpen plug-in, please go to step 3. 

1. If not already installed, download and install the current free edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2. Download the free Adobe-approved FileOpen plug-in for Acrobat Reader.

NOTE: FileOpen is compatible with the following versions of Acrobat:

Windows: Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or later
Mac: Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or later
Linux: Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat 7.x or 8.x