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End-Item DPMO for Printed

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IPC 7912A – End-Item DPMO for Printed

1.1 Scope This document is intended to define standardmethods for the categorization of defects related to electronicprinted board assemblies (PBAs). This documentwill provide consistent methodologies for calculating thefollowing benchmark indices: Defects Per Million Opportunities Index (DPMO Index) Component DPMO Placement DPMO Termination DPMOAssembly DPMO

DPMO as applied in this standard is a measurement takenon completed product. Only those defects detected or discoveredat an assemblys completed product evaluation areto be included in the calculations. A companion standard,IPC-9261 In-Process DPMO and Estimated Yield for PWAsis used to develop DPMO indices for measuring in-processassembly steps.

It is recognized that a manufacturing index can be obtainedthrough a variety of methods. Overall Manufacturing Index(OMI) is explained in detail in Appendix B.

This document is intended to be used in conjunction withassembly acceptance standards such as IPC/EIA J-STD-001 or IPC-A-610. This document is for benchmarking andis NOT intended to describe how to track or otherwise logdefect types or drive corrective action. In-process DPMO isoutside the scope of this document.

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